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UPSEN perfectly combines ups and lithium batteries to launch high-efficiency ups solutions.

UPSEN perfectly combines ups and lithium batteries to launch high-efficiency ups solutions.

2022-05-16 09:12

UPS is the heart of the data center, and the reliability and stability of the battery are directly related to the normal operation of the data center. 
Traditional lead-acid batteries can't meet the ever-increasing business volume of data centers, and data centers need lithium batteries with larger capacity to ensure uninterrupted operation. 
At present, UPS and lithium batteries have become a hot topic for data center users. 
UPSEN perfectly combines ups and lithium batteries to launch high-efficiency ups solutions.
Sun Star series LFP UPS 1KVA-10KVA  

What are the advantages of using lithium batteries for UPS power batteries?
The application scope of UPS lithium iron phosphate battery in energy storage, communication base station and other aspects has been further expanded. The emergence of lithium battery as a new energy source is undoubtedly a help in the snow and solves the problem of natural resources. 
The battery used in the UPS power supply is a lithium battery, mainly because the lithium battery is excellent in terms of power storage and performance, so in the UPS power supply, the lithium iron phosphate battery has also become the best choice.
1. Smaller size: Compared with lead-acid battery, it only occupies one third of the room space in the same output power. Assist customers to upgrade the deployment scale of current IT systems, reduce heat pipe cooling requirements, and save project investment costs and operating costs.
2. Longer service life: The average working time is 10 to 15 years, while the lead-acid battery can only last for 4 to 6 years, and the longer shelf life reasonably reduces the cost of battery replacement and maintenance.
3. The rechargeable battery intelligent management system uses microcontrollers, controllers, power switches and power supply circuit data information to automatically collect reports for management, so as to accurately grasp the physical state of the system software and further reduce the maintenance and maintenance burden of personnel. 
The system software also helps keep the battery from being damaged and avoids operating under voltage or charging and discharging. The bms system software displays accurate information about ups and battery status, physical and mental health and reasonable runtime.
4. Lithium battery UPS has strong adaptability to high and low temperature tests, and can be used in the natural environment of -20C-60C, and can be used in the natural environment of -45C after processing.
5. Low carbon environmental protection, not carrying or causing all lead, mercury, cadmium and other cadmium on heavy metals and chemicals, whether in terms of production, manufacturing, application and presentation costs.
6. No memory lithium phosphate rechargeable battery, no matter what state the battery is in, it can be used at any time, no need to discharge and then recharge.
7. Lithium can be quickly charged: high current 2c fast charging battery, charge for 40 minutes in a special charging head.
8. The UPS switching power supply rechargeable battery adopts lithium ion installation and operation, which is convenient for expansion and saves engineering investment. The supply and marketing system can adapt to the demand and reduce the customer's pre-purchase cost.

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