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Modular UPS Selling Point

Modular UPS Selling Point

2022-01-13 14:53
  • Our Modular UPS advanced "N+X" wireless parallel Redundancy technology to support 4 parallel connections. 

The system is easy to upgrade,expand and maintain, has excellent electrical performance, high system availability,and complete software and hardware protection.
Power modules, monitoring modules,power distribution modules,maintenance bypass switches, and output switches provide safe and reliable power protection for various loads.
Rated Power: 20-600KVA
Input Voltage: 380/400V/415Vac
Output Voltage: 380/400/415Vac


Flexible & Redundant Power Protection
The modular concept enables to flexibly adapt the UPS power to power needs. 
The individual modules are hot-swappable, and connected modules are automatically detected. 
The system can be upgraded within just a few minutes while the system is running. 
Automated load distribution within all system modules enables a modular n+x redundancy that can also be used for load increase.
Precise Scalability – Higher Efficiency
Modular UPS architectures offer the major advantage of much smaller design dimensions – enabling performance to be adjusted to the actual load with greater precision.
Additional capacity modules are only added when the load increases, ensuring that the system always operates at optimal efficiency.
Depending on the size of the cabinet, the system capacity can be expanded, for example, up to ten times the original installed capacity. 
If larger  system capacity is still needed to satisfy increased demand, further systems can be added – making this architecture the most flexible solution for applications ranging from small server rooms to large-scale data centers.

  • Maintenance:

Modular UPS systems also boast easier maintenance, as only one module is removed at a time for maintenance and then reinstalled once complete; 
a process that is significantly simpler than with traditional UPS architectures, that require the entire UPS to be disconnected from  consumers. 
The advantage of this approach is that all consumers continue to be protected by the UPS during  maintenance work, and the time spent connected to the mains network is reduced to a minimum, to perform a short system functionality test.

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